Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Simple orzo salad

This was one of the very first Greek dishes I made. I had actually never heard of orzo until I met Steve and we had lamb together. I loved it. Orzo is a pasta but has the shape of rice. It is generally used in soups.

I really like orzo as a side. Orzo really takes on flavor and I love the smooth and creamy texture. Orzo can be served either hot or cold.
  • 2 cups of orzo

  • 2 chopped tomatoes

  • 1 cup chopped or whole olives

  • 1 or 2 tbsp olive oil

  • salt and pepper

  • feta
Boil water and cook orzo for 10 minutes. Drain all but 1 cup of pasta water.
Cover for 5 minutes. The starchiness of the pasta will create a creamy texture of the orzo.
Add tomatoes, chopped or whole olives, salt and pepper and olive oil. Mix and top with feta!

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Kimberlita said...

Thanks for posting this. I love this salad of yours!