Monday, February 23, 2009

Teddy Bear Mille Feuille

Having grown up in Montreal, I have developed quite the healthy sweet tooth. One of my favourite French desserts is called Mille Feuille, which translates to 'thousand sheets.' It is a delicate and delicious layered dessert of puff pastry, custard and whipped cream...sometimes with strawberries mixed in. My Grandma had an easy casual no-bake version of this recipe made with graham crackers, custard and whipped cream topped with chocolate striped vanilla glaze. She used to make this for New Years Day.

Sharl and I had a craving for an easy homemade dessert last night, and once we crave something there's no stopping us. We didn't want to drive to a supermarket or stray further than the convenience store or Kitchen Table down the street to pick up ingredients.
I cannot believe that we couldn't find graham crackers anywhere!! We did find teddy grahams though, so we made our own version of my grandma's mille feuille.

1 box of teddy grahams
1 package of instant Jello vanilla pudding
250 ml whipping cream
1/2 tsp vanilla
2 tbsp icing sugar

1. Prepare pudding according to directions
2. Whip the cream with electric beaters until soft peaks form (about 2 mins). Add vanilla and sugar to the whipping cream and give one last quick beat.
3. Line teddy grahams at the bottom of a square baking dish (Sharl called this the 'teddy bear death camp' LOL!)
4. Pour vanilla pudding over the teddy grahams.
5. Layer the whipped cream over the pudding.
6. Top with another layer of teddy grahams.
7. Refrigerate for an hour or more so that the cookies become soft and the pudding sets.

We couldn't wait an hour so we ate this with the cookies still crunchy and it was still so delicious. I didn't bother to add the icing because the teddy bears looked so cute on top! Enjoy!


Amanda said...

I can't WAIT to make this!! I love the teddy bears. You are so creative!!

Amanda said...

I can't stop looking at this. This is such a showstopper! I love no bake desserts too.

Amanda said...

How much difference do you think refridgerating it vs. not?

Kimberlita said...

I like both versions... if you wait and let the cookies absorb some moisture, it gets more cake-like. But i know you like crunchy things so you could probably just eat it immediately without leaving it to set in the fridge. Aren't the teddies so cute? And we only bought them because they didn't have the square graham crackers! I would buy them again.