Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Kim, fellow floggers and foodies,

Do you have a crockpot/slow cooker and if so, what recipes turned out really good?

I used it for the second time on the weekend and make chicken jamabalaya. After 4 hours of paranoia of whether the chicken and sausage were actually cooked and we weren't going to get salmonella, I poured it over steaming rice and it was decent.

What I think got my goat was that I know I could really stepped up that dish by doing it in the pan. I could have developed the flavours, spices and improved the presentation plus not be worried. BUT.. then I would have been cooking a lot longer.

.So, I'm not sure what to do or really how to use this crockpot without feeling like I could have done it better by hand..

- A very crock-fused Mandy


Kimberlita said...

I don't have a slow cooker but I've been interested to try using one. I think they're best for things that take a long time to cook and don't need a lot of stirring, etc. like tougher cuts of meat, dried beans or soups.
If I had a slow cooker, I'd want to try making pulled pork (to put in sandwiches), or ribs or a chili made with real cubes of beef.

Anita said...

Ribs and Pulled Pork are really good in a slow cooker.

I've made ribs with any diana sauce and it turns out really well. Just put your uncooked ribs in the slow cooker, the whole jar of diana sauce, and let it do its thing. In a few hours you will have tasty, fall off the bone ribs! :)

Amanda said...

Thanks so much for this Anita! I'll definately try it. Have you made pulled pork in a slow cooker?